“Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly—mere infants in Christ. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere men?” – 1 Corinthians 3:1-3

“Therefore rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” – 1 Peter 2:1-3
Life is all about growing up. Babies start on formula or their mother’s milk, but they soon grow and start eating real meals. Babies also eventually start to crawl and soon after that walk. They grow up. This might be hard to believe but when I was younger I was very immature. When I was a kid, I acted like a kid, I was a hot head and got angry quickly. I can remember one time while I was playing in a basketball game at Perry Hall Middle School I got very angry. I fouled out, and of course I did not agree with the call. I took the basketball and threw it across the gym, and then went to the bench and proceeded to take off my shoes and throw them as well; Dennis Rodman would have been proud of me. Thankfully, I grew up and I changed my ways.

In these passages, Peter and Paul are calling out those who are spiritually immature, people who have come to faith in Christ but have not grown at all in their spiritual lives. As new believers, Paul and Peter gave them the milk they needed to grow in the Lord. However, now those believers should be learning the deeper things of God. Paul looks at their lives and calls them worldly, they are living like those outside the church. There is no evidence of living a Godly life. Peter even calls them hypocrites. They are in fellowship within the church, but outside the church. Where is their faith?

The challenge is clear. Are we growing in our faith? Are our lives being conformed by the Word of God to look more and more like Christ? Here are some questions that have helped me change my life to look more like Christ:

1. What is your thought life like? (Romans 12:1 “Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be renewed by the transforming of your mind”)
2. What is your behavior and attitude like? (Gal. 5)
3. How are you spending your time? (Eph. 5)
4. What do your social media posts say about your faith? (Ps 119:172)
5. What is the effect of the company you keep on your life? (Proverbs 13:20 “Walk with the wise and become wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm”)
6. What do your ambitions reveal? (Matt. 6)
7. When was the last time you opened the Word? (Ps. 119:9-11 “how does a young man….)
8. How often are you repenting? (Where we sin, we must have repentance! Where we have no repentance…sin takes root.)

We need to grow up in our faith and it starts by reading His Word, attending church and being in fellowship with other believers.