The End

“They will see His face…” – Revelation 22:4

The Book of Revelation can often be an afterthought for believers. The book is hard to understand. The scenes that are playing out, the various beasts, judgments, and well just about everything else, seem to confuse and make no sense. I hope in some future sermons to look into this book and see that in spite of the confusing passages, John is teaching about the great hope and final victory in Christ.

In Revelation 22, the Apostle John is writing the final words of the book of Revelation. In the timeline of events, this is at the conclusion of the End Times. The Rapture has occurred, the 7-year tribulation is over, the 1,000 year reign of Christ during the millennium is over, the Great White Throne Judgment is over, and a New Heaven and Earth have been created; all is back to the pre-sin world as it was at the time of Creation. John now mentions these 5 beautiful words that should bring hope to all believers: “They will see His face…”

Scripture says over and over that things are going to get worse, not only for the church, but also within the world itself as the End Times approach. Feelings of hopelessness and fear can enter into our lives as we think about all the things that could happen in the future. Just reading the newspaper these days can bring about fear for today’s world. However, God desires for His people to be faithful no matter what hardships come our way. In fact, the Bible speaks of rewards for those who remain faithful to God in times of trouble. In the end, though, we get the ultimate reward; we get to see the face of Jesus Christ. Christ is our hope that we look to, and when this world passes away, we will be with Christ. I cannot think of anything more hopeful than getting to see my Savior face to face. I don’t know what you are going through but I know that reflecting on those 5 words can change a lot about how we look at our lives and our situations. “They will see His face…”

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