For Such a Time as This

“…And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom
for such a time as this?”
– Esther 4:14

The Book of Esther is filled with evidence of God’s sovereignty over everything. What that means is, God is in control over the things that happen. The interesting thing to make note of, is that the name of God is never mentioned in this book. His imprint and direction, however, are all over it.

The book takes place in the Persian Empire where some Israelites stayed even after the exile was over. In Chapter one, King Xerxes is throwing a party and asks the Queen to join him. She refuses, which displeases the King and he removes her as Queen. The King now needs a new Queen and he participates in the very first season of the Bachelor, Its true! Women are gathered from around the kingdom, but there is one who stands out among all the others: Esther. The King is pleased with Esther and makes her his new Queen.

Over the course of the book, the King is tricked into issuing a decree to kill all the Jews. Esther’s cousin, Mordecai, gets word of this decree and brings it to the attention of Esther, hoping that she can get the king’s attention and reverse the decree. It is during this discussion that Mordecai delivers his famous line, “…for such a time as this…” What he means is that this is the very reason she, a Jew, has been named Queen. God has placed her in this time and place to save her people. To make a long story short, she does speak with the King and the Jews are allowed to defend themselves and they are not destroyed. I encourage you to read the whole story this week.

Esther was in the right place at the right moment. God in His sovereignty had placed Esther as the Queen of a foreign nation. There are some amazing “just so happened” moments in this book, but what those moments really are is God’s control in action.  God in the same way has guided our lives and placed us in situations and areas where He wants us to be. The job you have, God has placed you in the lives of those co-workers. The neighborhood you live in, God has place you in the lives of the neighbors around you. Faith, God has placed you at Faith Fellowship to be useful to Him in ministry. When we start to look at our lives in this context we realize that God has a purpose for us. We want to see God work; well, He wants to use us in the places He has placed us. For me personally, I am a basketball coach. I know God has placed me with these teams for a deeper purpose than just basketball. I’m a bus driver for KidZone, and I know God has placed me there for a deeper purpose than just driving kids to and from school.

Do we see the deeper purpose in where God has placed us? For such a time as this God has placed us by His design and for His purpose.

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